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The Best Day Ever Events!


“As a bride who has had to plan and re-plan a wedding due to COVID, Paula has been amazing to work with! My wedding is in a few weeks, and aside from nervous excitement, I feel like I am totally ready for the big day, and it's in large part to Paula. Her organizational skills and attention to detail are top notch, and she truly thinks of everything (even when you think you've already thought of everything!). She has been super responsive to all of my questions, and has wonderful suggestions and ideas! It has been so nice to have an impartial third party to bounce different issues/questions/concerns off of. Being a 2020 COVID bride has not been easy, but with Paula's calm, positive demeanor, my fiancé and I made the decision to postpone our reception to next year and we couldn't be happier about it. We're working with Paula this year for our ceremony, and we valued her so much, we've asked her to work with us again for our reception next year. I am so looking forward to her being our single point of contact for each of our vendors on the day of. I’m sure that after our wedding I’ll be able to add to this review, but even a few weeks out, I can confidently say to any future bride, you want Paula in your corner!!"

- Nicole Andriola/ Bride

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